Change: Looking Beyond The Pandemic

COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down. It has brought about a scary overturn of events we still desperately give our best shots to adapt to. The worst parts of this pandemic are the number of lives lost and the complete transformation of our ways of living. From being confident walking around streets, bumping with people in malls, and eating confidently in restaurants to avoiding crowds and preventing the slightest contact with people altogether. But as we go further into the new normal, I started to have realizations that I may never have if we were not forced into this way of living.

When we began working from home, I used to have more frequent morning coffee with my parents. To my surprise, their hair was grayer than what I used to remember. I failed to notice my parents aging fast because I used to hang out with friends, more intrigued about their skincare routines. I also started handling groceries for our house and realized how expensive necessities have become. I was not even able to fill the shopping cart like how my mom used to. Back when I was just a kid, my mom would have managed to get more for three thousand pesos. Now, my cart is almost empty with the same amount. After office hours, I turned my laptop off as my mother called for dinner and realized how I have outgrown our usual dinner conversations about my childhood. This was due to the fact that most of the time, I went straight to bed because I would rather sleep. I started to watch the news more often and saw reality staring point-blank at me. I saw things that I might have missed if not for this pandemic and I would have rather indulged myself in a world of fantasies both K-Dramas and Netflix series offered me.

Looking back, I have always felt that I have the luxury of time to splurge, but now, I realize how poorly I used those times because I just complained and complained. I usually rant about the bruises I get on my ear from wearing a mask, when hospital workers don’t even have a choice but to wear layers of clothing to attend to their patients, or else risk the health of their families when they get home. I complain how difficult it is to breathe and see with a face shield on when people on hospital beds and streets are literally gasping for air to breathe. It took me a while to accept that I was becoming a part of the problem by simply resisting change. People age, prices inflate, life gets shorter – all of these are changes, too. Changes that everyone undergoes, regardless of one’s economic stature or political power. We have to learn how to adapt and accept these changes so we can go on with our lives.

As the naturalist, geologist, and biologist Charles Darwin says: “It is not the strongest of species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”

Humans are naturally born adaptive to change, and that may be the gift that will get us through the COVID pandemic. Scientifically speaking, if we resist change, we resist survival.

Golden Haven As the new normal demands change, Golden Haven has also taken adaptive measures to cater to its clients and networks in the best and healthiest ways possible.

Golden Haven offers a wide range of payment options to its clients so they can skip the long lines and avoid crowded places.

  • Virtual Accreditations and Seminars

Golden Haven partners with Bria Homes Inc. in providing regular accreditation seminars for both companies so they don’t have to visit the offices to be accredited on both, and in turn, earn extra for their families on these difficult times. The two companies have also organized various seminars for their sellers to equip them with the knowledge they need as the market goes fully digital.

  • Work from Home Internship Program

In partnership with Bria Homes Inc., Golden Haven also offers work from home internship courses to college and senior high students.

Golden Haven through their branch pages acknowledges sellers of the day and the month to keep their networks motivated and proud of their achievements. Quarter and Annual Awards ceremonies were also conducted to give recognition to top performers of each cluster and the whole LuzViMin. We believe in recognizing the efforts of our dear sellers, and the pandemic is not a hindrance for us to show our appreciation.